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About Us


Here at PiecePaintings, we have a simple mission: to elevate the beauty of your home, piece by piece.


Being a connoisseur of fine arts for over 20 years, I have traveled to the most beautiful places in the world, immersing myself in exquisite art and culture, yearning for a means to share such beauty at affordable prices for the masses.


 In this way, it became my sole desire to create such a store which juxtaposes beautiful aspects of various cultures in harmonious fashion. Thus, PiecePaintings was born.


Using this philosophy, here at PiecePaintings we strive to compile all the most beautiful art in a modern and stylish deconstructed form, while using maximally efficient processes to ensure our customers secure the most value from the lowest prices on the market.


Now sit back and enjoy the beauty of art in its purest piece form.


-CEO & Founder of PiecePaintings