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The Difference Between Framed and Rolled Paintings

Highest Quality - Beautiful Look - Stunning Finish

We utilize an extremely fine print process with ink droplets as small as 4.2 picoliter (which is 4 Trillions of a liter). In combination with the cotton blend canvas we use the  end result is stunning. A beautiful quality with the look and feel of a fine art piece. The final product has a canvass structure while maintaining a museum style finish.

To ensure the proper presentation of your beautiful piece we always recommend to let us frame it for you.

Our rolled Canvas comes in on extremely durable traditional painting paper;
We use a unique poly-cotton canvas to secure the advantages of both polyester and cotton. As a result, our canvas is able to absorb and hold all colors as a cotton canvas would, while maintaining the sharp, vibrant finish of a polyester canvas. 
Our framed paintings come ready to hang. We use a durable wood frame to hold all 4 sides of the painting in place. The wood frame is hand nailed - thereby ensuring the highest quality and durability. Most of our customers select framed paintings because of the beautiful aesthetics and the bargain when compared to having the paintings framed later.